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Air suction film planter

Air suction precision seeder main characteristics and working principle


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  • Air suction precision seeder main characteristics and working principle
    Due to the characteristics of low seed point, flat seed bed, uniform seed distribution, consistent seed depth and neat seedling, the air suction precision seeder is more and more popular among farmers and workers. By replacing different seed platters and using different transmission ratios on the air suction body of this machine, various crops such as cotton, corn, oil sunflower and sugar beet can be accurately sown. The air suction seeder can be on and off the film on demand, plant and row spacing can be adjusted, strong versatility, and can complete the film laying, fertilization, ditching, seeding, soil covering and suppression operations at one time, is to meet the cotton, corn, oil sunflower tillage mode to achieve balanced yield improvement machinery. Although this kind of planter has its obvious advantages, but there are also shortcomings, users need to constantly sum up experience, give play to its strengths, make up for its shortcomings.
    Understanding the working principle is the guarantee of using a good suction precision seeder.
    The suction seeder is operated by the high-speed fan to produce negative pressure, which is transmitted to the vacuum chamber of the single seed. When the seed platter rotates, the seeds are absorbed under the negative pressure of the vacuum chamber and rotate with the platter. When the seeds turn out of the vacuum chamber, no longer bear negative pressure, they fall in the ditch by their own weight or in the role of seed scraper. Its working quality can be evaluated by hole rate and replay rate. The main influencing factors are vacuum degree, suction hole shape, seed size and the construction and adjustment of the scraper.

    • Air suction film planter

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