What are the precautions for the maintenance of corn seeder?


2022-12-12 16:52

Corn is the main food product in the world and an important agricultural cash crop in China. In recent years, China's rural economy has become stable and high-quality. The emergence of agricultural machinery cooperatives and the improvement of farmers' awareness of agricultural machinery make agricultural machinery more and more popular, not only greatly improve the efficiency of agricultural production, but also liberate rural productivity. In many agricultural machinery, corn seeder as one of them, can complete the corn seeding at the same time to complete the ditching, fertilization, soil covering and other work procedures, can effectively improve the efficiency of corn seeding. However, since there are many precautions in the use and maintenance of corn precision planters, users and operators need to raise awareness during use to ensure the working capacity and service life of corn planters.



1. Cleaning and preventive measures after work

After the corn seeder completes the sowing operation, the sundries and soil on the surface of the machine should be carefully cleaned, all the seeds in the seed box should be removed and properly stored, all the fertilizers in the fertilizer discharge box should be discharged, collected and sorted, and the seed box and fertilizer box should be cleaned to a certain extent. The soil on the trencher should be cleaned and dried with a rag. After the transmission parts are oiled and treated with anti-corrosion, the planter shall be stored in a dry area as a whole.

2, corn planter maintenance precautions

(1) During the working period, it is necessary to check whether the trencher is seriously worn. If serious wear is found, replace the worn parts of the trencher in time. After replacement, each cutter tooth of the ditching machine should be adjusted to the appropriate position to make it firm and stable. If multiple parts are being replaced at the same time, all cutter teeth should be removed and available old cutter teeth redistributed to ensure force balance and reliable use after installation.

(2) Due to the different working environment of the seeder, the lubrication of the main transmission parts should be carefully observed in the operation process. When the joint of the universal joint shaft is dry, butter should be added in time to ensure good lubrication. Also, check the rotating parts for weeds or other dirt. If so, remove it in time.

(3) When the corn seeder is driving on the road and operating in the field, try not to load too many other irrelevant items, try not to speed and overload operations. Overload and overspeed operation for a long time will lead to excessive force on the transmission parts of the seeder and poor lubrication, which will aggravate the wear of key parts and shorten the life of the engine. At the same time, when opening the ground, the lower parts such as the trencher and seed discharging device should be raised to avoid damage caused by collision.

(4) In the process of seeding operation, the seeds put into the seed box should be as uniform and free of impurities as possible to ensure the effective discharge of seeds and avoid the occurrence of leakage and plugging. At the same time, when less than one fifth of the seeds are in the seed box, seeds should be added and evenly distributed in the seed box to ensure a continuous and smooth discharge process.

In a word, the corn drill plays a very important role in ensuring the high yield and harvest of corn. Only by mastering the correct use and maintenance methods, can we ensure the working efficiency and effect of corn planter, create a good foundation for the initial production of corn planting, and improve the yield and quality of corn.

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