How is the corn planter maintained and stored?


2022-12-21 16:06

Corn planters will be idle. For better use and maintenance of corn planters, how should they be stored at the end of a season? The storage of corn planters shall meet the following requirements:

1. The soil of all parts of the corn planter must be cleaned. Clean the seeds and fertilizer in the seed fertilizer box. In particular, fertilizer boxes should be cleaned and dried with water, and then coated with anti-corrosion paint (except plastic boxes).


2. Check whether the seeder has damaged and worn parts, and replace or repair them if necessary. If any paint is peeling, please repaint.

3. After the new corn seeder is used, if the disc-type ditcher is selected, the ditcher should be removed, and the outer cone, disc hub and linoleum should be cleaned with diesel or gasoline, then installed after being coated with butter. If there is deformation, it should be smooth. If the gap at the disc collection point is too large, it can be adjusted by reducing the adjustment gasket between the inner and outer cones.

4, soil working parts (such as ditching machine, edging machine, etc.) after cleaning, should be coated with butter or waste oil, to avoid rust.

5, corn seeder should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse or shed, avoid open storage. When storing, the rack should be firmly supported. The trencher and the soil cover should be padded with wooden boards and should not directly contact the ground.

6. Remove and clean the rubber or plastic seed conveying pipe and fertilizer conveying pipe from the seeding machine, then tie them up and put them in boxes or on shelves for safekeeping. Sand or hay can be filled into the pipe to avoid squeezing and folding deformation.

7. The compression spring of the trenching machine should be loosened and kept in free state.

8. After long-term storage, the seeder should be maintained and overhauled before sowing in the next season to keep the machine in good technical condition.

The purchasing skills of corn planter are as follows:

First, consider the power (horsepower) of your chosen matching tractor. Secondly, we should choose the products produced by the country's regular enterprises to ensure the quality of the products manufactured and prevent being cheated by fake and shoddy products. In addition, you should also buy from a merchant with a certain sales history and scale, in order to obtain the credibility of the business and service ability of the guarantee. Third, we should inspect the goods face to face with the seller. Check whether the purchased products have product qualification certificate, operation manual, "three Guarantee Certificate" and related technical documents; Special attention should be paid to the "three guarantees" validity period of the whole machine and the "three guarantees" validity period of the main components. Check that seed and fertilizer metering devices are made of recycled plastic. The products are not wear resistant and will break quickly. Examine in detail the form of the planter trencher. A suitable trencher is made of hard material (equivalent to 65Mu material). Run-in. Pay attention to the performance and appearance quality of the machine tool. Ask the seller for an official purchase invoice. Because the invoice is one of the important vouchers of the "three guarantees" service. After purchasing the machine, farmer friends must carefully read the user manual, and according to the requirements of the user manual adjustment, maintenance and other matters, do a good job of machine sowing preparation.


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