How to choose suitable corn planter?


2023-01-03 14:38

Corn seeder refers to the planting machinery that takes corn seeds as the sowing object. It is usually called by the name of crop varieties, such as corn seeder, grain drill seeder, corn burrowing drill, cotton seeder, grass seeder, etc. Corn seeder has the characteristics of uniform sowing, consistent depth, stable row spacing, good soil cover, seed saving and high working efficiency. Below to understand the selection of corn planter method.

1, fully consider the farmer's own situation to use corn seeder. Corn seeder is suitable for different types of agricultural machinery, farmers in the purchase, can fully consider their own farm machinery horsepower and agricultural knowledge of the degree of mastery. From the current situation of corn planter used by agricultural machinery users, farmers must master the control ability and maintenance ability of corn planter according to their own mechanical technology level when choosing to buy corn planter. In practice, we should try to choose those simple structure, easy to master, easy to operate, affordable, durable corn planter, but also observe its performance, choose those in line with our tractor conditions corn planter.

2. Give full consideration to the adaptability of local corn planting. For a long time, the row spacing of corn planting in different parts of the country is very different, even in a natural village. Therefore, looking for the actual situation of corn planting in my county is one of the basis for users to choose. On the other hand, natural conditions are very different in different parts of our country, which leads to long and dispersed corn planting area, different corn planting varieties, and great differences in farmer cultivation level. In this way, we should consider the choice of corn planter and convenience, choose those good performance, durable models.

3. Give full consideration to the natural conditions of the local land. In the countryside of our country, the household contract management system is used to divide the field, which inevitably leads to the land division. Therefore, the plot area of corn planting is mostly small, and the road is narrow when the agricultural machinery walks in the field, so it is very difficult to work in the field. When planting with mechanized corn, it is important to choose the type suitable for local planting. Suitable models can reduce the labor intensity brought by manual operation, and then can improve the work efficiency and seed emergence rate.

4. The quality and after-sales service of the purchased seeder should be fully considered. For farmers, corn seeder is a new product, when buying must pay attention to whether the corn seeder has provincial agricultural machinery identification department identification certificate. After understanding these certificates, when buying the machine, we should also understand the use of this planter in our county or similar farmland, and understand the sales quantity and distribution of this planter model in the past. If possible, consult with regular users before deciding whether to buy. The after-sale service quality of maize planter has an important influence on its long-term use, and determines the economic benefit of maize planter to some extent.

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