What is the main point of corn planter maintenance?


2022-11-21 16:17

Corn is the main food product in the world and our country's important agricultural cash crop. In recent years, China's rural economy has become stable and high-quality. The emergence of agricultural machinery cooperatives and the enhancement of farmers' awareness of agricultural machinery make agricultural machinery more and more popular, not only greatly improve the efficiency of agricultural production, but also liberate the rural productivity. In many agricultural machinery, corn seeder as one of them, can complete the corn seeding at the same time to complete the ditching, fertilization, soil covering and other work procedures, can effectively improve the efficiency of corn seeding. However, since there are many considerations in the use and maintenance of corn precision planters, users and operators are required to improve their understanding during use to ensure the working capacity and service life of corn planters.


Notes for the use of corn seeder are as follows:

1. Safety inspection shall be carried out on key components before work

Before sowing, the corn planter should be carefully inspected according to the training requirements of the manufacturer and sales organization. First of all, check whether the lubricating oil of the transmission box and other important institutions is sufficient, and timely supplement the insufficient lubricating oil to the required amount. For chain drive, oil lubrication should be used before work, for open gear box, grease lubrication should be used, and pay attention to whether the chain drive and belt drive tensioner is properly tensioned. Fasteners such as bolts, screws, and cotter pins must be checked for reliability. If they are loose or damaged, remove or replace them in time. At the same time, carefully check tire pressure before operation to see if there is a lack of air or air pressure is too high. If the tire pressure is abnormal, the tire should be inflated and deflated in time to ensure that the tire pressure is consistent and reasonable, so as to ensure the stability and safety of the planter in the driving process.

2. Agronomic adjustment of working parts should be carried out before work

In order to ensure the high efficiency and stability of maize seeding, the main sowing positions should be adjusted reasonably according to the actual local conditions before operation. The main work is as follows:

(1) Adjust the sowing amount according to the seeder instruction and local actual needs, and use the sowing sprocket rationally. The skidding degree of ground wheel of corn planter is directly related to soil moisture, soil quality and ground debris. Therefore, in the actual work after adjusting the sowing amount, it is also necessary to carefully observe whether the spacing of seeding plants meets the requirements. For those who do not meet the requirements, the seeder sprocket should be replaced until the expected requirements are met, and then large-scale operations can be carried out.

(2) After carefully studying the fertilizer amount required for corn varieties, the fertilizer amount should be adjusted accordingly, the working length of the outer pulley should be carefully adjusted, the fertilizer drainer should be opened on the spot, and the fertilizer discharge amount of the fertilizer drainer should be checked.

(3) Since the depth of maize seeding and fertilization has a certain influence on the development of maize plants, the trenching machine should be adjusted to the appropriate depth before operation to ensure the reasonable depth of seeding and fertilization, and the covering and inhibition mechanism should be adjusted to ensure the agronomic requirements.

3. Carefully observe the working conditions of each component during work

The working experience and analytical ability of the operator of corn planter are directly related to the use of the planter. Good judgment can avoid mechanical damage and failure. During operation, pay attention to the speed of the machine, and listen to whether the sound of the engine and transmission components is normal. If there is abnormal sound, it should be stopped in time to check, and carefully observe whether there is winding, blocking phenomenon. If so, deal with it promptly. Some advanced corn planters are equipped with video surveillance at key points. If any abnormality occurs, it can be detected in the cockpit. Check whether the video image on the display is abnormal or whether the alarm indicator of the sensor is on. If a fault occurs, rectify it in time. Do not continue working to avoid further damage to the machine.


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