Corn seeder operation method, maintenance technology and purchase points


2023-01-10 09:53

Corn seeder refers to the planting machinery that takes corn seeds as the sowing object. It is usually called by the name of crop varieties, such as corn seeder, grain drill seeder, corn burrowing drill, cotton seeder, grass seeder, etc. Corn seeder has the characteristics of uniform sowing, consistent depth, stable row spacing, good soil cover, seed saving and high working efficiency.

Corn seeder purchase points: corn seeder has a variety of models, in the choice of seeding machine, in addition to the choice of reliable quality, good performance, service guarantee machine, should also pay attention to other points. Purchase corn seeder, to ensure that "two certificates, one card complete", that is, product certificate, use license, use instructions, product nameplate complete. In addition, according to the local soil conditions and planting habits, choose a strong adaptability, in line with the local needs of the planter. After choosing the model and type, check the transmission part of the machine, whether there are safety warning signs and safety cover.

Corn seeder operation method: to master the correct use of machinery, in order to give full play to its efficiency. Prepare before sowing. Operators should read the instructions and operate the machine skillfully. Before use, ensure that the planter sheet is in good condition, clean up the debris on the soil, and the parts of the planter and tractor that need to be lubricated should be fully lubricated. Tighten all bolts before operation. Debug the frame to ensure that the frame is horizontal when the planter is connected to the tractor. According to the requirements of soil and maize varieties, the row spacing of the ditcher, the depth of the soil cover roller and the number of seeds are adjusted to meet the requirements. A certain amount of corn seed is then added to the planting box. For the quality of seeding, trial seeding is required before formal seeding.

Maintenance technology of corn seeder: maintenance of corn seeder has an important impact on the working quality and service life of machinery, so it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance work of corn seeder. All parts should be inspected and fully lubricated before each operation. In addition, oil or butter should be added once a day. If an exception is found in the job, handle it in time. After the end of the operation every day, clean the mud and grass, timely tighten the bolts and screws in each part, and often check whether the rotating parts are flexible, and timely deal with any anomalies. If the corn seeder is not used for a long time, it should be stored in the warehouse to prevent it from being rained on, and at the same time, it should avoid the contact between the machinery and acid substances. At the end of the operation period, the soil and debris on the surface of the machine should be thoroughly cleaned, coated with anti-rust oil, and the transmission chain should be removed, cleaned, oiled and sealed; Clean the seeds in the seed box, check the wear, deformation and damage of the equipment, adjust and buy accessories in time, and then put the equipment into storage.

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