Here is a talk about the use of corn seeder points and work nature


2022-09-23 14:26

Here is a talk about the use of corn seeder points and work nature

Wheat and corn seeder has the characteristics of uniform seeding, the same depth, stable row spacing, good soil cover, seed saving, high work efficiency, the correct use of wheat and corn seeder should pay attention to the following points:

Do good maintenance before entering the site, clean the sundries in the sowing box and the messy grass and soil on the ditching machine to ensure good conditions, as well as the transmission of the tractor and seeder. Lubricate the moving parts according to the instructions, pay special attention to the lubrication and tensioning of the transmission chain and the fastening of the bolts on the seeding machine.

After the wheat and corn planter is connected with the tractor, it is not allowed to tilt. When working, the frame should be kept level.

Do a good job of the adjustment, according to the provisions of the instruction manual and agronomic requirements, determine the ditching device sowing amount, row spacing, ditching cover soil pressure wheel depth should be adjusted appropriately, pay attention to add seeds, add seeds in the seed box, to ensure the effectiveness of seeds, secondly, the seed box in the seed amount to at least to cover the entrance of the seed box, in order to ensure the smooth seeding.

In order to ensure the quality of seeding, before large-scale seeding, we must adhere to the 20m trial, observe the work of the seeder, ask agricultural machinery personnel, farmers, etc., to check consultation, confirm that it meets the requirements of local agriculture and then large-scale seeding.

Pay attention to uniform and straight line driving, manual selection of operation route, to ensure the convenience of sowing and machinery in and out, sowing, should pay attention to uniform and straight line movement, not allowed to stop in the middle, so as to avoid rerouting and missing sowing, in order to prevent ditching, wheat and corn seeder should be lifted when moving, retreating or turning.

First, sow the fields horizontally to avoid clumping.

When planting, we often observe the working condition of seed discharging device, ditch opener, mulcher and transmission mechanism. If there is blockage, clay, grass entanglements, loose seed cover, etc., we will remove it in time. After stopping, we must adjust, repair, lubricated or clean up the disorderly grass.

When the wheat and corn planter is working, it is forbidden to reverse or turn sharply. The lifting or landing of the planter should be carried out slowly, so as not to damage the parts.

How tiring is the work of planting corn?

Operators who make money by selling corn planters need to face the following points:

1. Many people will ask you when to broadcast to me at the same time, which will delay the homework time, you have to answer one by one, will be very tired.

2. As a corn grower, the qualified rate of planting corn by robot hand can only be successful, because people will only give you one chance, and one failure will cause a year's loss to farmers. The second year can not be selected, so we often need to get off to see the effect of sowing is good, such as turning the wheel to see three rows of sowing, with great effort.

3. You work more than ten hours a day, get up early and get dark. On the first day, you don't look tired, but on the third day, you get sore all over.

4. The rate of return is very high. The net income is about 1000 yuan per day.

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