What is the operation method of corn planter?


2022-11-02 14:59

Corn seeder is a new type of agricultural machinery, which is necessary for farmers who plant large areas of corn. How to choose the model of corn planter? How to operate a corn planter?


1. Procurement points of corn planter

There are many types of corn planters. In addition to choosing machinery with reliable quality, good performance and guaranteed service, other points should be noted. When purchasing corn sower, ensure that "two certificates, one book and one brand are complete", that is, product qualification certificate, use license, user manual and product nameplate are complete. In addition, according to the local soil conditions and planting habits should be selected to adapt to meet the local needs of the drill. After selecting the model and type and confirming the purchase, the drive part of the machine should be inspected, as well as for safety warning marks and safety shields.

2. Operation method of corn planter

Master the correct use of machinery, in order to give full play to its efficiency. Prepare before planting. Operators should read the instructions carefully and operate the machine skillfully. Before use, make sure the planter parts are in good condition, remove debris from the soil, and apply enough oil to the parts of the planter and tractor that need to be lubed. Tighten all bolts before operation. The rack should be adjusted to ensure the front and rear level of the rack when the planter is coupled to the tractor. According to the requirements of soil and corn varieties, the row spacing of the trencher, the depth of the covering roller and the sowing amount should be adjusted appropriately to make it meet the requirements. A determined number of corn seeds are then added to the seed box. In order to ensure the quality of seeding, a trial sowing is required before the official seeding.

After confirming that the test sowing meets the agronomic requirements, the formal sowing can proceed. The route of the seeder during operation shall ensure easy access and shall facilitate the addition of seeds. Once the operation starts, you can't stop in the middle, or drive too fast and too slow. Keep a straight line of uniform speed to avoid missing seeding. When it is necessary to turn or reverse when reaching the ground, the seed box should be lifted first to prevent blockage of the ditch opener. During the operation, keep the number of seeds in the seed box more than 1/5 of the total volume, so check the number of seeds in the seed box and add seeds in time. When the sower is moving the plot, make sure there are no seeds or other heavy objects in the seed box. When sowing, the site should be selected for horizontal sowing to prevent the site from rolling hard and affecting the quality of operation. Do not turn or reverse sharply during operation, otherwise the machine parts may be damaged. In the sowing process, to do a good job of observation work, including the machine transmission parts, trenching machine, seed box and laminating machine, and timely removal of grass and mud. It must be removed after the planter has stopped.

3. Acceptance of operation quality

In the sowing work to do a good job of quality acceptance, focus on 1~2 rows of sowing for comprehensive acceptance, timely find problems, reduce losses. When the seeder runs normally, it should be inspected for 5 ~ 6 times. The main content of acceptance includes sowing depth. The method is to examine more than 10 points diagonally from one end and calculate the average. The sowing depth difference between these points should not exceed 1cm; Check the straightness of the seeding line by drawing a straight line along the center line of the planter's working wheel with a measuring rope. A large bend within 50 meters of standard operation shall not exceed 5 cm; Check line spacing. The error between two adjacent rows shall not exceed 1cm. If two planters are used, the spacing between rows should not exceed 1.5cm. The line spacing of the unit's return trip shall not exceed 2.5cm; Check the sowing amount, check the diagonal sowing amount, take 20 holes to check the seed number, judge whether the hole distance and the number of missing holes are within the specified range, and calculate the actual sowing amount.


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