What is the point of corn seeder and fault detection method?


2022-11-14 13:11

Maize seeder refers to the maize seed as the sowing object (considering soybean and other crops) sowing machinery. In general, the name of the planter usually refers to crop types, such as corn planter, grain planter, corn hole planter, cotton planter, broadcast planter, etc. The corn seeder has the characteristics of uniform sowing, consistent depth, stable row spacing, good soil cover, seed saving and high working efficiency. The following points should be noted in the correct use of a corn sower.


1. Before entering the field, clean up the sundries in the seed box and the grass and soil on the trencher to ensure that they are in good condition. The driving and rotating parts of tractors and planters shall be lubricated according to the instructions. In particular, attention should be paid to the lubrication and tension of the transmission chain and the fastening of the bolts of the seeding machine before each operation.

2. After the corn seeder is connected to the tractor, the frame shall not tilt. During operation, the front and rear of the rack should be kept level.

3. Do a good job of adjustment. According to the provisions of the user manual and agronomic requirements, the sowing amount, the row spacing of the trencher and the depth of the trench covering the compaction wheel should be adjusted appropriately.

4. Add seeds to the seeds in the seed box to ensure the effectiveness of the seeds; Secondly, the amount of seed added to the seed box should be at least enough to cover the entrance of the seed box to ensure the smooth process of seed discharge.

5. Trial seeding In order to ensure the quality of seeding, it is necessary to insist on 20 meters of trial seeding before large-scale seeding, and observe the work of the seeder. Ask agricultural technicians and local farmers to check and consult, and confirm that the local agronomic requirements are met before large-scale sowing.

6. Agricultural machinery operators should pay attention to choose the operating route of uniform speed and straight line, to ensure the convenience of adding seeds and machinery in and out. When sowing, attention should be paid to the straight line uniform speed, do not stop in the middle of the road or stop in the middle of the road, so as to avoid reseeding or missing seeding; In order to prevent the ditch opener from being blocked, the lifting of the pot should be carried out during the driving process, and the pot should be raised when reversing or turning.

7, the first horizontal sowing, avoid crushing, resulting in shallow sowing depth.

8. During the sowing period, always observe the working condition of seed discharging device, ditcher, mulcher and transmission mechanism. If clogs, loose clay, grass wrap and seed cover appear, they should be removed promptly. Must be adjusted, repaired, lubricated or cleaned after shutdown.

9. When the planter is working, it is strictly prohibited to reverse or turn sharply to protect the machine parts. The seeder should be raised and lowered slowly to avoid damage to machine components.

10. When the seed box is operated, the seeds in the seed box shall not be less than 1/5 of the volume of the seed box; Seed boxes should not contain seeds, let alone other heavy objects, when transporting or transferring plots.

Corn seeder fault detection:

1. Seeding device is not sown. The main reason is that the transmission gear is not engaged, or the square hole of the seed gear at the head of the seed shaft is worn, adjusted, repaired or replaced.

2. Single seeding device does not work. The reason is that the seed rack or seed outlet in the individual seed discharge box is blocked by debris, which should be removed; The connecting pin between the seeding shaft and a single seeding wheel is broken and should be replaced; The insert plate of the single row seed box has not been pulled apart, so it should be pulled apart.

3. Seed discharging device is used for seed discharging, but some seed discharging ditch has no seeds. The reason is that the trenching machine or seed conveying pipe is blocked (mainly in the ground wheel trenching machine), the blockage should be removed, and the corresponding measures should be taken to prevent debris from falling into the trenching machine.

4. Seeds are discharged continuously and out of control. The reason is that the separation pin of the clutch lever falls off or the separation clearance is too small. Reinstall the pin and lock, or adjust the separation clearance.

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